The Opposite of Happiness

Have you felt these two opposing emotions at the same time? Yes, I think so. But I do not think they are opposing emotions. Aren't they. But they used to teach us in school. Or at least that's what I remember. I don't think they are opposites of one another. Think of them like your... Continue Reading →

Getting These Jitters Off of Me

It has been a roller coaster week. I feel overwhelmed and I needed do to something to get the jitters off of me. I would have gone outside for a bike ride or for a run, but that won't work at the moment because we're still on quarantine and I am still afraid of riding... Continue Reading →

Death Wish on a Letter

It was the first time that I heard someone express her wish to die through a emotional bandwidth almost couldn't handle it. Our class met our professor for the first time this afternoon. She was in the middle of her speech --- telling us her expectations, her requirements, and orienting us on what we... Continue Reading →

Bakit Tayo Dumadalo sa Burol?

Bakit ba tayo nagaabalang pumunta sa burol ng isang kaibigan? Ng isang kakilala? Ng isang kamag-anak ng isang kaibigan? O maski ng maski ng sarili nating kamag-anak? Bakit? Ano ba ang dahilan? Naisip ko lang ito kanina dahil isa sa mga kamag-aral namin sa kolehiyo ang pumanaw nitong linggo. Hindi ko sya talaga matatawag na... Continue Reading →

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